The Finest Karakul Wool

Expertly Hand-Spun

Our products are 100% Namibian, produced locally and sustainably from start to finish. Located in Namibia's South-Western region, Kiripotib is an oasis of tranquility home to sheep, cattle, and a unique sense of healing silence. Raised just a few kilometers away from our farm in the Kalahari desert, our sheep provide the high-quality Swakara wool we use, known for its exceptional durability. This wool is not only easy to care for but also boasts a luxuriously soft and cuddly texture. At our Farm Studios, we meticulously dye and spin the wool in-house.

Handmade to order

Our Weavery

After spinning the wool, our skilled weavers craft exquisite rugs. These beautiful rugs are available for purchase at Kiripotib Guestfarm and our retail locations in Windhoek and Swakopmund. At African Kirikara, professional weavers are trained, who in turn pass on their knowledge to new apprentices. This sustainable education model forms the backbone of African Kirikara's ethos. By establishing this principle of sustainable education, we aim to counteract the shortage of training opportunities in Namibia. We are committed to empowering the local community through education and employment opportunities.

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African Kirikara Art

Farm Studios and Gallery

Operating as a premier guest farm, Kiripotib offers exceptional care and warm hospitality, while also serving as the birthplace of African Kirikara Art led by Claudia and Hans Georg von Hase. Here, a talented team crafts exquisite jewelry, rugs, and carpets, preserving cultural heritage and providing employment for approximately 20 Namibians from rural areas. Guests are warmly welcome to visit the Farm Studios at Kiripotib to observe weavers, spinners, and goldsmiths at work, discuss designs with designers, and select from samples or catalog options. Each purchase represents a unique, hand-crafted piece of African art. Visit our shops in Swakopmund and Windhoek to experience the beauty of our unique African art.

Claudia von Hase

The Heart of African Kirikara

Claudia von Hase, holding a dual degree in Industrial Design from Berlin and Jewelry Design from South Africa, observed the disparity in educational opportunities between Europe and Africa. Determined to address this, she founded African Kirikara to offer sustainable education in weaving, countering training shortages in Namibia.
Beyond weaving, Claudia's goldsmith background led her to traditional jewelry. Recognized for her skills, she holds leadership roles in the Jewellers and Weavers Associations of Namibia and serves as Director of the Diamond Board.

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