Uncover the Richness of Authentic African Creations

Our collections embody the diversity of Africa's culture, its warm people, and rich heritage. Together with her talented team, Claudia von Hase has an exceptional gift for the extraordinary. The result is an amazing collection with a stunning range of artifacts fusing classic yet time-worn materials with a twenty first century touch.

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Art & Craft

Carefully sourced from rural areas throughout Africa

Handcrafted with love from Africa to your home. Discover Delightful Figurines, authentic Masks and more.

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Kiripotib Studios

Making a difference, one project at a time

Guest Farm Kiripotib serves as our workplace, where we skillfully spin and dye wool, transforming it into beautiful carpets.

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  • Our Wool

    We source our wool from naturally raised Swakara/Karakul sheep in Namibia, known for their resilience to the thorny bush of the Kalahari. The wool is directly supplied from local farms to our weaving facility, offering one line of natural wool carpets with a palette of ten distinct colors.

  • From Apprentic to Designer

    Our team is continuously expanding and committed to training the next generation in spinning, weaving, and design. Comprising an equal split of 50% men and 50% women, we firmly stand for equality. We take pride in nurturing individuals from beginners to skilled artisans.

  • Authentic and sustainable

    Our artisanal creations are crafted with utmost authenticity, using chemical-free methods and relying solely on natural local resources. Our Swakara sheep, free-range in southern Namibia, require minimal human intervention, resulting in a negligible carbon footprint. Committed to sustainability, we strive to give back to nature while maintaining quality and tradition.

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